As individual consumers are gaining more control, awareness, and responsibility over their own healthcare, we are witnessing the consumerization of healthcare. Forward thinkers are already employing consumer-focused initiatives such as leveraging big data, cloud computing, telemedicine, and social media, which could provide dramatic improvements in healthcare and possibly transformational reductions in costs.

The Canton Group has a team with extensive experience building HIPAA-compliant technologies including websites, mobile applications, patient portals, electronic medical record software, and even embedded systems. The Canton Group is well-versed in systems integration and software engineering for healthcare using a diverse set of platforms. Regardless of what type of healthcare product, service, or research you provide we can ensure a customized and user-friendly web system that will keep your patients' information safe.

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  • Tissue Banks International
    Using the web to connect surgeons with the largest provider of ocular tissue in the world, The Canton Group helps TBI facilitate the delivery of tissue for more than 130,000 transplant surgeries each year, as well as thousands more to be utilized in research and medical education.
    Responsive Website / Application Support
    Empowering a public policy research enterprise to follow its mission of developing and improving policies that affect millions of lives across the globe. A full-scale site redesign and mapping of information architecture on the Drupal CMS platform allowed IMPAQ International to properly engage their various user audiences, which span government and the private sector across six practice areas.