Today we live in the age of disruption — where new technologies are transforming the way we live and behave in ways that would have seemed unimaginable even a few years ago. 

Responding to disruption is now one of the biggest strategic imperatives for business leaders and policymakers. In a world where everything from business models and value networks to political systems and social contracts seems to be changing, it’s easy to perceive threats. 

That is why I really like this EY video which instead looks at the upside of disruption and how to make the most of the opportunity that presents itself: 

The world of tomorrow is one filled with data streams from everything around us. Understanding the full impact of these trends is hard and often requires imagination. We don’t yet fully understand what constant connectivity will mean to businesses and governments or how to ensure that the overall impact on consumers, workers and citizens is a good one.

It also means that this is a time for asking questions and not just jumping to conclusions or applying solutions that might have worked in the past.

And one such question is: How will you stay ahead of the curve and disrupt yourself?

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