We’ve witnessed the cloud access security broker (CASB) market grow from an unsolved cloud security dilemma into a top technology for enterprises and analysts. Organizations and cloud providers alike have embraced the shared responsibility model, whereby cloud providers ensure infrastructure security and customers maintain responsibility for data security and compliance. While organizations were at first apprehensive of the cloud’s security risks, they now recognize data in cloud services can be just as or more secure than in a corporate datacenter. It has been thrilling to be at the forefront of the evolution of a control point for the mobile-cloud era.

A new milestone for the CASB market arrived today with the release of The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Security Gateways, Q4 2016. The report stands as an independent evaluation of the companies in the CASB market, also known as ‘cloud security gateway (CSG).

Like any fast-growing market, the CASB space attracts fledgling startups, forays from legacy security providers, and hundreds of millions in VC capital. We believe that the Wave report serves as technical research to cut through the marketing hype and provide an objective view of the different providers’ product maturity, technology vision, and market traction. Analysts relied on rigorous methodology involving hands-on lab evaluations, product demos, customer references, and unsupervised access to a demo environment. Enterprises will benefit from research based on actual product functionality and reliability rather than marketing claims. 

“The CSG market is growing because more S&R professionals see CSG as an effective and simple way to address their top cloud security challenges, and they increasingly trust CSG providers to act as strategic partners, advising them on top cloud security decisions.” The Forrester Wave: Cloud Security Gateways, Q4 2016

Canton Group believes that its recognition as a Leader in the industry’s most rigorous evaluation is a testament to the vision of our founders, hard work of our employees to deliver a market-leading products and services, and the partnership of our customers. Recent large-scale data breaches have demonstrated the sophistication and tenacity of today’s hacker community. Now, more than ever, a solid strategy, plan and toolset are needed to protect your network and your data from unintended or unauthorized access. Networks are becoming increasingly difficult to protect. Today’s networks include a host of “smart” devices, including smartphones, watches, televisions, cameras, and other appliances designed to take advantage of connectivity advancements. While technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth and others make connectivity easier, they also expose users to many more potential threats.

We firmly believe cloud security is the future of cybersecurity. The Wave report says, “As on-premises network security tools become outdated and less effective, improved behavioral and cloud malware detection and data loss prevention will dictate which providers will lead the pack.” With cybersecurity concerns shifting to the cloud, the cloud security gateway category is in a unique position to help organizations in all industries progress to the work tools of tomorrow. We are thrilled to be named a leader in this space and look forward to continuing to innovate so that companies don’t need to compromise security when using the cloud.