Our Story

In 1998, four ambitious young entrepreneurs decided to start a Web Design and Development company in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore, MD, not far from the beautiful inner harbor. At this point in time, the Internet was beginning to boom and any company with aspirations of making it big had to have a website. With this in mind, these four entrepreneurs wanted to build a company that helped organizations use this new technology to further their missions and competitive advantages.

This is not a unique story. However, it provides a window into what makes up the DNA of The Canton Group. It is the ability to Innovate, Adapt, and Evolve. And now, 20 plus years after these humble beginnings, The Canton Group has grown into a well respected boutique technology consulting company that specializes in using the latest technologies to further our clients missions.

Our Values

The Canton Group has the following four core values.

  • “Be intellectually curious and innovative!” - We encourage everyone in our company to keep learning, keep exploring new technologies & applications, and keep finding ways to improve the services we provide.
  • “Get things done the right way!” - It is often tempting to cut corners in the pursuit of speed. However, sacrificing craftsmanship can greatly damage our clients and those they serve. For The Canton Group, this is simply not acceptable.
  • “Be transparent, honest, and fair!” - We view our interactions with our clients as a relationship. As a result, we believe the more clear we are about goals and objectives; the more truthful we are about what is possible; and the more communicative that we are with our clients; we can build a relationship based on trust and respect and deliver incredible outcomes.
  • “Delight Customers!” - We recognize that truly delighted customers become our biggest advocates; which serves as the foundation for our long term growth.

Our Future

We believe the future of technology and The Canton Group is very bright and we look forward to helping our clients explore and implement solutions using our talented staff of experts in the following areas.

Contact us today and we can work with you to help your business realize its full technological potential.

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