Drupal Solutions

The Canton Group Team has performed numerous Drupal platform projects for commercial and government entities. Our team has an in depth and senior level Drupal architecture, configuration, programming and maintenance expertise.  Drupal is far more than a CMS, it is a scalable web application framework that can provide a state-of-the-art website architecture. We are an innovator, developer, and maintainer of Drupal solutions that can offer the following capabilities:


  • Web Design and Theme Integration
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Usability Improvements
  • Mobile strategy, including the implementation of device-targeted themes

Maintenance and Compliance

  • Content Management
  • Information Architecture
  • 508 Compliance
  • NFP Nonvisual Accessibility Web Certification Compliance
  • PCI Compliance Auditing
  • Drupal module updates, testing and installation


  • Addition and creation of new functionalities
  • Engineering of a scalable, flexible system platform for ease of growth
  • Advanced searching and user interface
  • Ecommerce systems
  • Integration with web services and API's such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube
  • CRM platform integration utilizing add-ons such as CiviCRM
  • Slideshows and other multimedia showcases
  • Integrate functionalities to provide a unified, seamless user experience

Drupal is the leading Open Source CMS that offers considerable value in terms of features, functionality, and cost. Drupal is now used for thousands of websites, including websites for major businesses such as Federal Express, Sony Music, and Lifetime Television. The White House and U.S. Department of Transportation Office of the Inspector General also recently selected Drupal as the CMS for their Internet websites (  and ).

Now more than ever, website security is an increasingly important consideration. Drupal’s API allows limitless extension of a site’s functionality by overriding and extending the application’s internal abstracted data and logic layers, while maintaining the core application’s security, which is peer-reviewed and tested by hundreds of developers and security experts. Historically, Drupal developers have been very quick to provide fixes for any vulnerability issues. Drupal supports automated checking for available updates to both the core application and any add-on modules and classifies the updates according to the severity of the issues fixed with the new versions.

We have significant experience working with Drupal (our developers have contributed code to the project), and we have a variety of preconfigured and fully tested Drupal websites that can serve as the starting point for Drupal website projects. These preconfigured Drupal sites save time and money and ensure overall system quality.